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 Equipment Accumulators and Grapples 

10-Bale Accumulator

The 10-Bale Accumulator pulls behind a truck, tractor, baler or ATV. The accumulator leaves the bales in neat 10 bale packs. The accumulator is the only 10-bale drag type accumulator. The packs have 8 bales with 2 tie bales for easier stacking. 

The 10-Bale Hydraulic Grapplator

The 10 bale Hydraulic Grapplator is the only grapplator on the market that has hydraulicly removable dividers. Once you have accumulated your 10 bales with the grapplator you acuate a hydraulic lever and the dividers automaticly come out of the hay. after the dividers are removed it is just a grapple you grapple the hay and load it on the trailer. The grapplator attaches to any front end loader.

The 10-Bale Grapple

Once you have accumulated the field the Rafter M Equipment 10-Bale Grapple is ready to load your hay. The grapple attaches to any frontend loader on your tractor, skid steer or forklift. 10 Bales at a time you will load your trailer and unload from the trailer to the barn and never break a sweat. One man can move 1000+ bales from field to the barn in less than a day.

The 10- Bale Sliding Grapple

The Rafter M Equipment sliding grapple gives you 18 inches of movement from right to left. The sliding grapple allows you to save time and your clutch in tractor positioning for loading and stacking hay. The 10- Bale Sliding Grapple also allows easier mobility in the barn.

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